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What is mBIT Coaching?

mBraining is an exciting new compliment to coaching. It is a coaching process for aligning and integrating the power of your logical brain, emotional intelligence and that deep knowing in your gut.  mBraining was created by Marvin Oka and Grant Soosalu and builds upon the practices of NLP, cognitive linguistics, positive psychology and behaviour modelling.

The mBIT Coaching techniques create an integrated coaching approach that brings powerful results. mBIT places our olfactory and gustatory senses at the core of the coaching session. Our gustatory senses are important for our sense of self, motivation levels and action taking. If the gut brain (gustatory senses) are left out of the coaching process we are ignoring important aspects for our clients.

Liz is eager to certify coaches, therapists and counsellors so they can apply these techniques with their own clients. Incorporate Multiple Brain Integration Techniques into your coaching practice to optimise your success as a coach.

Our 4-day mBIT Coach Certification Training will teach you how to facilitate a coaching conversation that integrates your clients logical thinking, emotional intelligence and gut wisdom.

Importantly, there is a growing body of literature that supports the idea that the head, heart and gut intelligences deeply influence our decision making and outcomes in life. We can see that the gut and heart neural networks are involved in higher order human functioning.

Train with a qualified psychotherapist and licensed mBIT Trainer who was fortunate enough to train with the co-founders of Multiple Brain Coaching (mBIT) Marvin Oka and Grant Soosalu (the author’s of the book ‘mBraining’.

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Blog updated by Liz Hartley August 2023 

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