Exploring mBIT Coaching 

And the Path to Becoming an mBIT Coach 

Have you ever had a gut feeling about a decision? Or felt your heart pulling you in one direction while your mind was leaning in another? If so, you’ve already experienced the subtle, yet powerful, influence of your “multiple brains.”  

In this article, we’ll take you on a journey to explore the basics of mBIT, and understand how these three intelligences work together, discover how integrating your logic, emotion, and gut wisdom can lead to wiser, more balanced decision-making, better relationships, and enhanced overall well-being.  

Whether you’re a curious learner or seeking to improve your life, mBIT offers valuable insights that can help you navigate the complex landscape of your inner world.  

What is mBIT? 

mBIT, short for “Multiple Brain Integration Techniques, is a transformative coaching approach that delves deep, offering a fresh perspective on decision-making, self-awareness, leadership, and interpersonal relationships.  

In short, mBIT is a scientifically informed methodology that can empower you and those you work with to make more balanced and effective life choices. 

Have you ever worked with people or know people who act as if they have conflict between their thoughts, feelings, and actions?  Or people who sabotage their goals and plans.? Or maybe you know someone who has difficulty making decisions or breaking habits without really knowing why? Then chances are that they are not using the power of integrating all of their intelligences.  

The Three Brains of mBIT 

By understanding and harmonising these three centres of intelligence, individuals can unlock a wealth of untapped potential, both personally and professionally. 

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Head Brain (Cognitive Brain)  

The head brain is what most people typically associate with intelligence. It’s the centre of analytical thinking, logical reasoning, and problem-solving. It’s responsible for processing facts, figures, and information, making it crucial for decision-making in many aspects of life. 

Heart Brain (Emotional Brain) 

The heart brain governs your feelings, values, and relationships. This brain allows you to connect with your emotions and empathize with others. It plays a significant role in understanding your own desires and those of others. 

Gut Brain (Enteric Brain) 

The gut brain, located in your digestive system, is associated with intuition and instinct. It’s the part of you that senses “gut feelings” and guides you based on a deep, understanding of situations. The gut brain can provide insights that the head and heart brains might overlook.  The gut intelligence is also responsible for keeping us safe, action-taking, and identity.  

The Power of mBIT Integration 

The key to mBIT lies in integrating these three intelligences effectively. When your head, heart, and gut brains are working in harmony, you can make decisions that make sense, align with your values, and feel ready to step into action This integration isn’t about suppressing one area in favour of another but about making choices that honour and consider all three perspectives, what you think,  feel and want to do in any decision. mBraining is a simple, gentle, yet highly effective approach to achieving greater clarity, peace, and strength in all your endeavours.  

Becoming an mBIT Coach 

becoming and mbit coach

If you’re captivated by the possibilities of mBIT and want to help others unlock their potential, you may consider becoming a certified mBIT coach. mBIT coaching certification training equips you with the knowledge and skills to guide individuals and organisations in leveraging the power of their multiple brains for personal growth and improved decision-making. 

A certified mBIT coach can work with individuals from various backgrounds, including executives, therapists, educators, and anyone seeking to enhance their life and decision-making processes. Your role as coach is to facilitate clients in discovering their own unique “brain integration” patterns, helping them harness the insights and wisdom each brain offers.  

During the training you will learn the theoretical background of mBraining and the tools and techniques collectively termed multiple Brain Integration Techniques. You can use these techniques for yourself or to compliment what you already know and do with others.  

Start your mBIT Journey 

Your journey into the world of mBIT starts with comprehensive training provided by an mBIT Trainer. This training covers the theoretical foundations of mBIT, practical techniques, and ethical considerations for coaching. You’ll learn how to tailor your coaching approach to each individual’s needs, facilitating the integration of their head, heart, and gut intelligences. 

Ready to embark on this transformative journey and become an mBIT coach? For more information and to start your mBIT coaching journey, visit ThinkmBIT.com today.  

About the Author: Elizabeth Hartley 

Elizabeth holds a master’s degree in Psychotherapy from The University of Kent in Canterbury, bringing a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the field of psychology. She is not only a licensed coach certification trainer but also a seasoned psychotherapist and master coach. 

As one of the first seventy licensed Multiple Brain Integration Trainers worldwide and one of the initial twenty mBIT Master Coaches who had the privilege of training under the guidanceGrant Soosalu, the co-founder of mBraining. 

Elizabeth is a proud member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP), the  British Psychological Society, and the Association for Coaching.  

With Elizabeth’s guidance and expertise, clients can embark on a journey of self-discovery and personal growth, tapping into the transformative power of multiple brains to coach others. 

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