What is Therapeautic coaching?

A blend of counselling and coaching with a dual trained practitioner.

Can I train as a coach with no or little coaching experience?

Yes you can.

Who will deliver and run the coach certification training?

Elizabeth Hartley a licensed mBIT Trainer, Psychotherapist and BPS accredited supervisor.

Are there payment plans for the coach certification training and different payment methods.

Yes, payment plans can be arranged.

What support will I receive after the training?

Elizabeth runs monthly practice groups, monthly supervision groups and quarterly review groups. These are online and in-person.

Can you explain more about the different coaching sessions/journeys?

You can book:

  1. An individual 90 min coaching session (weekly or 2 weekly).
  2. A 6 session coaching journey (weekly or 2 weekly).
  3. Our loving your life in 30 days course runs daily for one month (twice yearly)
  4. Our loving your life One Coaching journey runs annually.
  5. Our group coaching is based in Canterbury, in person and we will be launching an online group in 2023.

Can I book a free life design call to find out more?

Yes, we invite you to complete the contact form on this website or email me.