What is mBraining and is it right for you?

mBraining is the new field of applied neuroscience that is rapidly expanding across the globe. It is a simple and yet profoundly deep coaching method, that provides a road map to navigate life challenges successfully.

When I am approached by a client the most common question I am asked is, how is mBraining different from traditional forms of coaching, such as life coaching, leadership coaching, or executive coaching? The answer is simple. mBraining is multi-dimensional coaching, with a strong emphasis on ontological coaching, the nature of becoming

There are many forms of personal coaching to choose from that for a client who is already struggling with internal conflicts, choosing one can be a difficult decision. I provide discovery sessions for this precise reason – these allow time and space for coaching clients or training clients to share their aspirations for the future and learn more about mBraining. From this place we can navigate that individual to the best coaching pathway for them.

The mBraining coaching model is rooted in the understanding that our body has three different kinds of intelligence – the head, heart, and gut. Neuroscience findings have shown that these three intelligence systems each have complex neurological networks that have primary functions, adaptability and memory.

These separate intelligences house certain Core Competencies. Our Head, for example, is the creative sector – it governs our ability to think insightfully. Our Heart is the home to our compassion – it governs the strength and quality of our connections with other people. Lastly, our Gut houses the core competency of courage, which governs our ability to take action. Our three brains have several complex functions and are not limited to these competencies.

As mBIT coaches, we are passionate about optimising the individual and who they are becoming, weaim to integrate your collective intelligences, to move away from feeling stuck and move towards a deeper sense of self and increased motivation

I may better illustrate this point by using an analogy of the mechanisms of a clock. Each mechanism within that system has its own functions, it continues the function it has been designed for. If one were to attempt to alter each cog in that mechanism, it may break down, become damaged or get stuck. So instead, if we aim to alter the origin of that clock’s driving force, that being the pendulum, the rest will follow. So, by teaching people to harness their bodily intelligence and who they are becoming, they can access their true selves. 

Our clients see generative shifts in their sense of who they are and how they experience the world. Ultimately, we facilitate a process away from conditioned scripts and towards agreater sense of purpose and identity.

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Updated by Liz Hartley August 2023